Weapons Training In Chinese Martial Arts

Training in Chinese martial arts consists of different components. One of the important components of Chinese martial arts training is the use of weapons. In this article will mainly focus on weapons training in Chinese martial arts and different weapons used in the training. As we know there are many different styles of Chinese martial arts. Training in each different style of Chinese martial arts also uses weapons. Read on to get brief information on Chinese martial arts training in weapons and several weapons used in training.

In most of the Chinese martial arts styles training, Chinese weapons are used for conditioning the body and coordination as well as for strategy drills. Training with weapons in Chinese martial arts is usually done after the student or trainee is well aware of the basics as well as forms and the application of Chinese martial arts. Application in Chinese martial arts usually implies the alive used of martial techniques. When we consider about forms, they were mainly designed to contain literal as well as representative.

It further contains exercise oriented styles of applicable techniques that can be extracted, tested and trained by the trainees via sparring sessions. The basic theory behind Chinese martial arts weapons training is that weapons are considered as an extension of the body. It usually has the equal requirements for footwork as well as coordination as the basics of Chinese martial arts. In general, the course of weapons training in Chinese martial arts usually takes with the forms, which also includes forms with partners and afterwards applications. Almost all the weapons training systems in Chinese martial arts usually have training methods for each of the Eighteen Arms of Wushu, so as to comprehend instruments specific to the system.

Chinese martial arts incorporate with a wide range of weapons. Some of the weapons used in the training of Chinese martial arts may include staff, spear, straight sword, saber, hook swords, butterfly swords, ring daggers, emei piercers, deer antler knives, kwan dao and monk’s spade. These are basic forms of Chinese martial arts weapons and some of them are well known enough to be popular in Chinese martial arts practiced today. The above article briefly describes the basic theory of weapons training in Chinese martial arts as well as the different weapons used in the training.

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