Some Famous Practitioners Of Chinese Martial Arts

Chinese martial arts are widely known all over the world. These popular art forms are not only practiced by the people of China but also the people around the world. Here we will briefly let you know about the most famous practitioners of Chinese martial arts. Given here are some of the most famous practitioners of Chinese martial arts:

Yue Fei – Yue Fie belongs to Song Dynasty. He was a well known Chinese general and a patriot of the Song Dynasty. Styles of Chinese martial arts such as Eagle Claw and Xingvi attribute their creation to Yue, but there is no historical evidence that supports that he created these Chinese martial arts styles.

Ng Mui – Ng Mui belongs to late 1600s, she was the founder of many Southern Chinese arts styles which includes Wing chung Kuen, Dragon style & Fujian White Crane. She is one among the 5 Elders who survived the destruction of the Temple of Shaolin during Qing Dynasty.

Yang Luchan – Yang Luchan is one of the popular Chinese martial arts practitioners. He was a valuable teacher of the internal martial arts styles which is called as Tai Chi Chuan during 19th century Beijing. He is regarded as the founder of the Yang style tai chi chuan and also transmitted the art to Wu/hao, Wu and Sun tai chi families.

Wong Fei Hung – One of the other well known practitioners of Chinese martial arts also includes Wong Fei Hung. He was often regarded as the Chinese hero during the Republican period. Many different Hong Kong movies were also made showing his life.

Huo Yaunjia – One of the other great practitioners of Chinese martial arts is Huo Yaunjia. He founded the Chin Woo Athletic Association. He was also known for his highly publicized contests or matches with foreigners.

Besides above mentioned practitioners of Chinese martial arts, there are also other followers or practitioners of Chinese martial arts which includes Yip Man, Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan and Jet Li. Yip Man was the master of the Wing Chun, he was also the first one to teach this style openly.

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