Terminology In Chinese Martial Arts

Martial arts are Chinese traditional sports which have developed a long time ago. This article will be describing about terminology in Chinese martial arts. As we know Chinese martial art are also known as Wushu, where Wu referring to military and shu meaning art, thus wushu refers to the art of fighting.

Considering about the Chinese martial arts terminology, the terms Kung fu and Wushu have been borrowed into English to refer Chinese martial art have different meaning in traditional Chinese. The Chinese literal equivalent of Chinese martial art would be ‘zhongguo wushu’.

Given below are some of the terms used in Chinese martial arts:

Wushu – This is one of the Chinese martial arts terms that denote ‘martial techniques’ or ‘martial arts’. This is precisely the generic term for all arts of Chinese fighting which includes weapon systems and weaponless systems.

Kung fu – One of the other terms in Chinese martial arts is Kung fu. The precise meaning of this term is work or physical activity. In Chinese this term can be used in different context unrelated to martial arts, referring colloquially to any individual achievement or skill gained or cultivated through long & hard work.

Ch'uanpo – This term or terminology in Chinese martial arts refers to fisting as well as grasping. This term is the oldest Chinese expressions for unarmed combat.

Shaolin - This is the name of the place and the name a Buddhist temple located in Honan province, Northern China. It was built during the period of Northern Wei, ordered by Emperor Kao Tsu. Since 6th century, the monks of this temple i.e. Shaolin were actively working or practicing martial arts.

Szu – This is one of the other terms relating to Chinese martial arts. The literal meaning of this term is 'temple'. It is generally used in the expression Shaolin Szu which means Shaolin Temple.

Shaolin Ch'uanfa or Shaolin Szu Ch'uanfa – This term mainly refers to the style of Ch'uanfa practiced and systematized by the monks of Shaolin Temple.

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