History Of Chinese Martial Arts

The history of Chinese martial arts is quite ancient. Its origin can be traced back to number of sources. According to some legend, the Indian monk Bodhidharma which is known as "Da Mo" in China who traveled to China in the 6th century CE settled in the Shaolin temple in Song Shan. And there he introduced martial exercises and Zen Buddhism to China. But some sources and evidence have revealed that martial arts in the country of China dates back to well before that time.

Considering about the origin of Chinese martial arts, sources have also revealed that Chinese martial arts gradually developed from ancient hunting skills and from one tribe’s need to defend itself from another. With time, these fighting styles developed gradually with punches and kick as well as the use of weapons. Looking at the history behind Chinese martial arts, the first evidence of the practice of Chinese martial dated back to 2698 BCE during the reign of the Yellow Emperor, Huangdi, who developed the practice of jiao di ("horn-butting") among his soldiers.

According to the Chinese martial arts history, the development of Chinese martial arts is also linked with military. The first military martial-arts tests were established in 702 CE. These mainly challenged a soldier’s military strength as well as horsemanship. Soldier during those periods were categorized considering their ability as well as courage in hand-in-hand combat and weapons skills especially their swordsmanship. In fact several military generals have also added their expertise to China's martial-arts mix.

In the history of Chinese martial arts, the art form become popular to general public during Republican Period, a time when Chinese were recovering from the fall of Qing dynasty. In fact the invasion by Japan and Chinese Civil War make the Chinese martial arts more approachable and popular. In a wave of national pride, the Chinese government classified all martial arts under the banner "guosho," meaning "national art." And the first martial-art demonstration in front of an international audience took place at the 1936 Olympic Games in Berlin. Today, Chinese martial arts are well respected and well know throughout the world.

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