Influence Of Chinese Martial Arts

Chinese martial arts greatly influenced the culture of Chinese. The concepts as well as the use of Chinese martial arts can be found in popular culture. When we look into the history, the influence of Chinese martial arts is usually seen in books as well as in the performance arts specific to Asia. In recent times, Chinese martial arts greatly influence to the movies and television that targets a much wider audience leading Chinese martial arts to move beyond its ethnic roots and have a global appeal.

Influence of Chinese martial arts can also be seen in literature. Martial arts play an important role in the literature genre called as wuxia. This popular fiction is based on the concepts of Chinese chivalry, a particular society of martial arts with a central theme that involves martial arts. Wuxia stories can be dated back to 2nd and 3rd century BCE, which become very popular during Tang Dynasty and evolved into novel during Ming Dynasty. This literature genre is widely well known in Asia and provides a major Chinese martial arts influence on general public.

Chinese opera is also greatly influenced by Chinese martial arts. One of the best known examples is Beijing opera. This well known form of drama can be traced back to the Tang Dynasty & continues to be a part of popular culture of Chinese. Movements of Chinese martial arts as well as some martial artists can be found in this form of drama. Talking about modern times, the impact of Chinese martial arts can be seen in the movies and cinemas. There are many martial arts films, the films of Bruce Lee is widely popular in the West during 1970s.

In recent times, movies actors and martial artists such as Jackie Chan and Jet Lee are still continuing to appeal Chinese martial arts in the movies. These martial arts movies from China are also known as ‘Kunfu movies’ or ‘Wire-fu’. Talking about the West, Kung fu has also become a regular action staple and appeared in different films which would not be usually considered as ‘martial arts films’. Examples include The Matrix Trilogy, Kill Bill and The Transporter. Besides these, influence of Chinese martial arts can also be found on television networks. The use of Chinese martial arts techniques can now be found in most TV action series, although the philosophy of Chinese martial arts is seldom portraye in depth.

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