Controversy About Chinese Martial Arts

As we know there are different styles of forms of Chinese martial arts. These forms in Chinese martial arts are mainly proposed to preserve the descent of a specific style branch, and were commonly taught to experienced trainees or students who were chosen to preserve the art's lineage. This article mainly focuses on the controversy about Chinese martial arts. So, find out what you need to know about the controversy relating to Chinese martial arts.

As mentioned above, Chinese martial arts forms mainly proposed to picture or preserve the realistic martial techniques. Though they intended to represent realistic martial techniques, the movements are not always similar to how techniques would be employed in combat. Many of the Chinese martial arts forms have been elaborated upon so as to provide combat preparedness and to look more aesthetically pleasing. This somehow leads to some controversies about Chinese martial arts. Beyond combat application, the use of lower stances and higher as well as stretching kicks also adds a bit of controversy about Chinese martial arts forms.

Going further about Chinese martial arts controversy, most of the modern schools have also replaced practical defense or offense movements with acrobatic feats that are more remarkable to watch, thus increasing favor during exhibitions as well as competitions. This results to criticisms by traditionalists of the approval of the more acrobatic, show-oriented Wushu competition. This mainly leads to controversy about Chinese martial arts. Both appearance and combat functionality are important in many different traditional forms. Different forms were frequently performed for entertainment purpose in earlier times before the development of modern Wushu.

Most of the practitioners as well as artists of Chinese martial arts of modern sport combat have now become critical of the forms. The think that forms work is more relevant to the art than sparring and application of drill. Whereas many of the people still continue to look traditional forms practice within the traditional context – as important to both proper combat execution, the Shaolin aesthetic as art form, as well as upholding the meditative function of the physical art form. This briefly reveals the controversy about Chinese martial arts forms.

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