Issue Of Morality In Chinese Martial Arts

Chinese martial arts are not only the means of self defense or mental training but also dealt with the system of morality and ethics. Wude in Chinese means ‘martial morality’; it mainly deals with ‘morality of deed’ and ‘morality of mind’. Morality of deed mainly concerns with the social relations while morality of mind is primarily concern with the cultivation of inner harmony between the emotional mind and the wisdom mind. The following article briefly discuss about the morality in Chinese martial arts.

Considering about the morality issue in Chinese martial arts, Chinese Wushu, mainly embodies profound philosophy, a sense of human life as well as social values. This Chinese art form emphasizes traditions, experience and rational knowledge. Chinese martial art, wushu can be defined as a system of skills and theories developed by the people of China through their struggle with nature and in the course of their social life, for combat as well as to promote health & improve one's temperament.

Concerning about the Chinese martial arts morality issue, we can say that there are certain points of martial ethics in China. The first point is the respect for human life, in earlier China; human beings are regarded as the most valuable treasure of nature. Another important point of Chinese martial arts ethic mainly concern with emphasis on moral principles. Moral principles help to maintain a stable relationship between man and man. Those who want to learn Chinese martial arts should respect these principles and should not do anything harmful to Chinese cultural traditions.

The other ethics of Chinese martial arts also mainly concerns with moral conduct and manners. While learning Chinese martial skills or arts one should cultivate fine qualities. The other important points that should be included in the Chinese martial arts ethics is the respect for teacher and care for each other. Modesty and eagerness is also a part of morality in Chinese martial arts. Everyone should learn from each other to improve and be united and cooperative with each other. Martial ethics also includes freedom from personal grudges, persistence and perseverance.

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