Chinese Martial Arts

Chinese martial arts are also known as Wushu, traditional Chinese sports which have been developed a long time ago in China. Wushu literary means the art of fighting and is an essential component of Chinese heritage. Being an art form, it combines Chinese philosophy, meditation, aesthetics and physical exercise. Chinese martial art is not only practiced by the people of China but also people all over the world. This art form is well respected and well known throughout the world. Discover everything you like to know about China martial arts at this place.

As we know Kung fu is the most popular Chinese martial art, there are also other martial arts in Chinese which are just good as Kung fu. These art forms include Eagle Claw, Drunken boxing, Hsing I, Hung Gar, Lau Gar Wing Chun and Tai Chi Chuan. Some of these martial art styles are copied from the movements of animals; while others are inspired by Chinese philosophical thoughts, myths, and legends. For more information on ancient Chinese martial arts you can visit this place and check out our contents.

Chinese Martial Arts –Brief Introduction To Chinese Martial Arts
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Precise Description On Terminology In Chinese Martial Arts
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Categorizing Different Styles In Chinese Martial Arts
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An Insight Into The History Of Chinese Martial Arts
Learn everything you wanted you know about the history of Chinese martial arts. The given article covers a brief Chinese martial arts history.

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